Film premier: The Country on CBC Documentary Channel

At 10:30PM on Sunday, June 24th, catch the premier of The Country on the CBC Documentary Channel. On Bell it’s channel 346, with the HD version being 517. On Eastlink, it’s 121 or for HD it’s channel 793. There will also be repeat airings later the same night, and again at 1:00PM on July 1.

You can download the press release here (PDF), or simply read the following synopsis:

One extraordinary man and a handful of compelling Newfoundland Mi’kmaq, champion an inspiring story of recognition and a remarkable community of people reviving their nation.  The backdrop is a Federal Enrolment program aiming to grant status, under the Indian Act, after 50 years of denying their existence. With 103,000 people caught in the process, the fate of thousands across Canada is at stake.  With the twists and turns of a Shakespearean play, The Country is a complex film of a forgotten but resilient people,  in search of their own truth, legitimacy and reconciliation.

This film features a number of people you may know, and is well worth you time watching. Stay tuned for further news on how you may be able to see this movie.

You can also check out details on the Facebook page: