New Chief & Council Elected by Acclimation

At this evening’s monthly membership meeting, the main order of business was the nomination of seven individuals for various positions on our band council. While attendance was not abundant, current Chief Hayward Young prompted those who showed to put forth names for each position.

Many of our membership have busy lives, and for some, this is a big commitment to take on. Yet despite some hesitations, almost everyone nominated agreed to run for election. However, with just one person each running for Chief, Vice Chief, Treasurer and Secretary, and with three up for Councillor at Large, we had just enough interested parties.

Without further ado, here are the council elect, who will assume their duties starting in May of 2019 and work for the next three years to grow and support our community.

From left to right: Abbey Downey (Councillor at Large), Susan White (Treasurer), Randy Skinner (Councillor at Large), Michelle Pike Cormier (Secretary), Don Cormier (Vice Chief), Charlie White (Chief) and Patsy Head (Councillor).

Congratulations to all, and we look forward to hearing from our new council in the coming months!

2019 Election Announced!

Chief Hayward Young announces the 2019 IHFN council election, to be held late-April.

At the February monthly membership meeting, a number of announcements were made by Chief Hayward. While Council Member Charlie White took the minutes in lieu of Secretary Jarrett, who could not be in attendance, a small crowd of members listened attentively. First discussed were the on-going issues related to the Qalipu enrolment process, and more specifically, the recent letters regarding self-identification.

Council Member Charlie White recorded the minutes for this meeting.

Following this, a number of handouts were provided, including some information regarding IHFN’s involvement with the recently-announced Seven Shores Nation Network initiative. Additionally, information regarding possible staff for IHFN was discussed.

The third and final major topic was the announcement of this year’s elections for the Band Council. Anyone wishing to nominate a member for a council position must do so at the next meeting, which will be held on Thursday, March 21st, 2019. At this meeting, the final dates and voting locations will be announced, likely occuring over two days with one location in Stephenville and another in Stephenville Crossing.

Please share this information with any other members and encourage all who may be interested in running for council to attend the next meeting. Come Out. Be Heard. Take Part.

Update: The above was edited to include the correct date for the next meeting, which is March 21st, not March 28th as originally written.